Top Ten Roller Coasters

Tuesday, October 2, 2007 by Darren10

1. Millennium Force

Park: Cedar Point

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

Designer: Intamin AG

Class: Steel; Giga

Year of 1st ride: 2000

2. Top Thrill Dragster

Park: Cedar Point

Location: Sandusky, Ohio

Designer: Intamin AG

Class: Steel; Strata, Launched

Year of 1st ride: 2003

3.Superman - Ride of Steel

Park: Six Flags New England

Location: Agawam, Massachusetts

Designer: Intamin AG

Class: Steel; Mega

Year of 1st ride: 2003

4. The Beast

Park: Paramount's Kings Island

Location: Kings Mills, Ohio

Designer: Charles Dinn

Class: Wood; Terrain

Year of 1st ride: 1992

5. Oblivion

Park: Alton Towers

Location: Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Designer: Bolliger and Mabillard

Class: Steel; Dive Machine

Year of 1st ride: 1999

6. Superman - the Escape

Park: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Location: Valencia, California

Designer: Intamin AG

Class: Steel; Launched Shuttle

Year of 1st ride: 1997

7. Drachen Fire

Park: Busch Gardens

Location: Williamsburg, Virginia

Designer: Arrow Dynamics

Class: Steel; Looping

Year of 1st ride: 1993

8. Goliath

Park: Six Flags Magic Mountain

Location: Valencia, California

Designer: Giavanola

Class: Steel; Mega

Year of 1st ride: 2000

9. Son of Beast

Park: Paramount's Kings Island

Location: Kings Mills, Ohio

Designer: Werner Stengel

Class: Wood; Mega Looping

Year of 1st ride: 2002

10. Superman - Ride of Steel

Park: Six Flags Darien Lake

Location: Corfu, New York

Designer: Intamin AG

Class: Steel; Mega

Year of 1st ride: 1999

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Korea Recommended Skiing Destination

Friday, September 28, 2007 by Darren10

Muju Ski Resort

As a recreation area opened in 1990 in Mt. Deokyusan National Park, the Muju Ski Resort is an area of leisure and recreation with ski hills and winter sports facilities. There are 23 slopes with ski jumps and Nordic courses. The Silk Road, is the longest run nationwide with length of 6.2km, and the level of difficulty is just right for beginners and intermediate. The steepest course within Korea, the Raider Course is located at the peak. Muji Resort also hosted 1997 Winter Universiad.

Yongpyong Ski Resort

As the oldest ski resort, Yongpyong Resort with its yearly average temperature of 6.2 degrees Celsius maintains a long ski season with a lot of natural snow. Moreover, it is getting numerous compliments from skiers about its convenient facilities as a superior ski resort.

Daemyung Vivaldi Resort

Daemyung Vivaldi Park is located Mt.Maebong san, 651 meters above sea level. Vivaldi Ski Resort has 11 slopes, and 10 lifts, including gondolas. You can ride snowboards at most of the courses. Of the 13 slopes, 2 are advanced , 7 are intermediate, and 2 are beginner. The two beginner slopes allow those of us who are learning to ski for the first time to relax and enjoy the experience.

Phoenix Park (Ski Resor)

Phoenix Park presently has 13 skiing courses with unique slopes for the enjoyment of dynamic and exciting experiences. It operates a Snowboard Park with quality snow facilities for snow boarders. It is equipped with the first gondola lift in the nation, as well as the Key lift system, which enables the skier to make the choice among the beginner, intermediate, and the expert course. Many soap operas have been shot at Phoenix Park due to its beautiful scenery. Ever since Korea’s most popular drama, “Autumn Story,” was shot here, Phoenix Park has been booming with customer.

To read more about Korea Skiing (Click here)

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World's Top Fantasy Hotel

Saturday, September 22, 2007 by Darren10

The Apeiron Island Hote

Designer : Sybarite
Status : Concept
Estimated project cost: $500million

The ‘Apeiron’ island hotel is a seven star resort with a total floor area of 200,000m². It is 185-m high and boasts of over 350 luxury apartment suites. The hi-tech futuristic hotel screams of luxury and comfort with its own private lagoon, beaches, restaurants, cinemas, retail shopping, art gallery, spas and conference facilities. (read more)

Foldable Hotel Pods

Designer: m3 Architects, London
Estimated project cost: $72 to $104 million

The foldable and fully transportable pods are for those traveling geeks who find it hard to shun all the amenities of their luxurious life. (read more)

The Hotel Burj- al-Arab

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Designer: Tom Wright (WS Atkins PLC), Khuan Chew
Status: Complete
Estimated project cost: $650 million
Cost per person: $1,000 to over $28,000 per night, $75 to have a glimpse from inside

Considered, unofficially, the world’s first and only 7-star hotel, the Burj al-Arab is a truly the most luxurious hotel imaginable and hence we couldn’t help including it in this list of futuristic hotels, which also perhaps triggered architects around the world to look beyond the fence. (read more)


Location: Songjiang, China
Designer: Atkin’s Architecture Group
Status: Concept

This spectacular design by Atkin’s Architecture Group deservedly won the first prize award last year in an international design competition. The 400-bed resort hotel features underwater public areas, guest rooms, cafes, and restaurants. The major attraction is the extreme sporting facilities including a luxurious swimming pool, rock climbing and bungee jumping. (read more)

The Poseidon Undersea Resort

Location: Fiji, The Poseidon Mystery Island
Designer: Bruce Jones
Status: Under construction, will be completed by September 2008
Estimated project cost: $105 million
Cost per person: $15,000 per week

Surrounded by 5,000-acre lagoon, the Bruce Jones’ Poseidon Mystery Island offers luxurious 550 square feet large suites.

Not only this, the Poseidon Resorts website says, “the first 1,000 guests will have their names permanently inscribed on two monuments one on the island, and one on the floor of the lagoon.” Now, that’s incredible! (read more)

The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel

Location: Dubai
Designer: Joachim Hauser, Crescent Hydropolis Resorts
Estimated project cost: $500-million

The Hydropolis Undersea Resort, especially designed keeping in mind that we’re around 60% water, endeavors to deliver the serene beauty of the ocean in its true colors. The one of its kind resort will encompass a whopping 1.1-million-square-foot of area offering shopping mall, ballroom, island villas, restaurant, high-tech cinema and surprisingly, a missile-defense system for your security 60-feet underwater. (read more)

The Diamond Ring Hotel

Passing reference: The Diamond Ring Hotel
Location: Abu Dhabi

The Diamond Ring hotel is just a concept right now and all we’ve are these images for you to feed on. If anybody reading this has more info, please share with our readers (read more)

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Malaysia Island List

Friday, September 21, 2007 by Darren10

Panngkor Island

Forty minutes by ferry from Lumut, The popular Island resort of Pulau Pangkok welcome visitors with its serene golden beaches, crystalline, blue water and cool refreshing breezes (more)

Langkawi Island

On the northwestern shore of Malaysia is the archipelago of the Langkawi Island. Situated just where the Indian Ocean narrows down into the Straits of Melaka, It was onece a haven for pirates. Today it servers as a retreat for visitor near and far. (more)

Perhentian Island

The two Perhentian Islands are rated as some of the most beautiful islands in the world, A virtual paradise for snorkeling and diving in crystal-clear water or just for lazing on one of the white sandy beaches waiting for the coconuts to drop... (more)

Redang Island

With it's pearly white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, colorful array of marine life, spectacular starry night and breathtaking sunrise, it also offer the ultimate hideaway for those seeking privacy and relaxation. (more)

Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah Island off the coast of Terrengganu is one of the nation's well-kept secrets. Its arresting beauty can easily captivate you while you are there. (more)

Gemia Island

Gemia Island is the few places where turtles ( including the giant Leatherback) come ashore to lay their eggs. On the island the green turtle is the most common. (more)

Tioman Island

Tioman is the biggest and most impressive island at the east coast. There is a brisk jungle covers a ridge on the west section of the island, which ends at the idyllic location of a beautiful palm fringed beach. Tioman offer a wide range of activities for visitor: snorkeling in crystal clear water, discover the beautiful underwater world when you go diving. (more)

Layang Layang Island

Layang Layang has become one of the preferred destinations for the avid diver who constantly seeks for new thrills and challenges. (more)

Islands of Sipadan
(The world's top dive Destinations)

Sipadan attracts divers from all over the world simply because it is the best diving spot in Malaysia and among the best in the world. (more)

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